Our Team

Our diversified founding members have a combined 100 years of investor experience. Each founder has become experts in their chosen fields of discipline consisting of but not limited to wholesaling, land development, private lending, multifamily, single family, syndications, and commercial real estate.

Steve and Crystal Caruthers

A former electrical engineer, Crystal Caruthers began real estate investing as a way to stay home with her young children. Together with her husband Steve, she has built a portfolio of houses and commercial property, using almost every kind of single family deal type along the way (buy-and-hold, wholesales, flips, lease options, seller financing, hard money lending). Now she focuses on larger deals, acquiring multi-family and retail properties outright or together with partners and investors. She loves finding off-market bargains, dealing directly with sellers, crafting creative deals, and helping educate people on all the fantastic benefits of passive income. She's also the founder and host of the OKC Multi-Family/Commercial Meetup, a free monthly educational event. Crystal and Steve have built their businesses around their desire to be fully present in their children's lives and their love of travel.

Steven VanCauwenbergh

A serial entrepreneur who has reached financial freedom through building several businesses in the service-based industries of accounting, music business, bridal, and real estate investing. He has mastered the critical areas of purchasing, financing, renovating and managing assets. He has authored several books, courses, and over 700 Podcasts empowering people to reach their goals of financial freedom. He is a highly sought after personal coach and teaches his techniques in seminars across the country.

Zach Lorenzen

Zach became a full time real estate investor after a numbingly successful career in the structural steel industry. After realizing the future of being just a cog in a wheel. He replaced his salary with rental income before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Since taking the leap, Zach has negotiated over 150 acquisitions and became an expert in estimating, rehabbing, and project management.

Zach enjoys helping people reach their potential by creating systems to increase efficiency, so your business runs while you live your best life like fishing, hunting and mountain/road biking.


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