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Get to Know Advanced Investor Alliance: Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Jan 20, 2023

Advanced Investor Alliance (AIA) is dedicated to experienced commercial real estate entrepreneurs networking with like-minded individuals. AIA’s goal is to create resources for high-level investors needing to scale businesses and get unstuck. AIA was born from a need to connect investors in the industry to a world of education and methods of scaling and diversifying your business to help increase your cash flow. We want to see your success as much as we want to see our own success. AIA is a team to network with employing resources to keep your business not only growing but thriving.

How Advanced Investor Alliance Started

AIA started as an idea in a class that met two times a week. The class hosted speakers such as bankers, high-level real estate investors, and private lenders. Out of the 15 people getting together weekly an organic network formed fueled by positive synergy. The people involved began to get excited about this new opportunity to network with other highly driven commercial real estate investors. We knew this was the beginning of something special, this was the beginning of the community.

Before AIA was off the ground, the group of savvy investors saved one of the founding members from losing roughly $200k. During a weekly meet-up, the founder shared their potential new venture. This was quickly met with advice and hesitation from others in the group after a deal analysis. Thankfully, the member did not move forward. He was filled with relief, expressing gratitude and a need for mutually-beneficial networking in this industry. 

What is Advanced Investor Alliance

To be blunt, AIA is membership-based networking for experienced high-level investors

Our mission statement goes into a little more detail:

To create and enrich the lives of investors nationwide through our network. The Advanced Investor Alliance (AIA) is a community of world-class investors helping each other succeed. Our mission is to help our members reach their full potential through sharing knowledge and facilitating the forming of mutually-beneficial relationships.” 

AIA is about building a network of “unlimited” funding by investing in each other, creating mutually-beneficial success and continued growth.

The Advanced Investor Alliance Team

Our team consists of over a century of combined experience in investment real estate. 

AIA founding membership is comprised of:

  • Steven Vancauwenbergh, a serial entrepreneur, commercial real estate investor of 500+ units, author, and public speaker.
  • Steve and Crystal Caruthers, commercial real estate investors, private lenders, and creators of OKC Multi-Family Commercial Meet-Up in Oklahoma City. 
  • Zach Lorenzen, real estate investor.
  • Russel Hunt, a real estate investor and founder of one of the largest private lending firms in Oklahoma.
  • Micheal McClure, a successful large commercial investor.

The knowledge and experience run deep. Adding more members to AIA can only create more opportunities and growth for everyone.

A great opportunity to meet our members and get to know more about AIA is at the first membership meeting on January 26th, 2023. Visit our website for the finer details of the event.

Advanced Investors Alliance Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of AIA offers members “unlimited” resources and many options for funding large commercial real estate investments. Our members have valuable resources and talents they bring to the table benefiting the group as a whole. We prioritize each individual member growing their business.

AIA hosts monthly member meetings. These meetings are open to investors looking to join as AIA is continuously expanding its network.

The benefit of joining a high-quality membership network like AIA is the ability to unlock the next level of success for your business. Investors are able to efficiently use the combined resources of AIA membership to complete real-time deal analysis and move forward with finalizing a transaction faster than ever.

The support from membership will offer different perspectives on potential purchases from people who are well-versed in commercial real estate investing. This can help avoid the pitfalls of bad investments. Sharing systems, documents, contacts, and the potential to partner on high-end investments is what AIA is all about. 

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month. Visit our website for a list of events for 2023.

What’s the Big Idea?

At our core, AIA wants to assist like-minded commercial investors by taking their businesses to new heights. We want our members to reach their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning. 

AIA members are covered, whether it is help with funding, finding a new contractor for a project, or a deal analysis. Members help members succeed by efficiently planning and strategizing successful endeavors, that's who we are. 

At AIA, we truly believe you are what you want to become. If you want to get to the next level, you have to think on the next level. This highly specialized support network elevates the commercial property investment experience and breaks down barriers.

If you are interested in becoming a member visit our website,, for full details.

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